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Just The Knots

This will be the thought bubble area, or it might just become an area where I can post whatever I want about bracelets, Yeah I like that even better!


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Color Combos

Posted by Sandra McCrea on August 22, 2014 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (35)

Anyone know colors mean a lot and the more you work with them.. the more you hate them or maybe that’s just me. I stress and worry about colors all the time!

The truth is this


  • You get stuck in the same colors
  • You’re using the same color combos all the time
  • Half the time you have no clue on what you are going to pick!



So made this one bracelet this week and I love it! Yet it was the same old SAFE colors that I love. Which even though it was a new pattern and it was great just didn’t have that like yes this is awesome and I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

Then was told to do another pattern yet to change the colors. To be honest I didn’t really care for this pattern and, if I would of finished it by now I would show you! Yet this one I found really hard to change the colors on for some reason. The main reason and I can tell you this it was hard to change these colors

I wanted a few things


  • New feeling of the pattern
  • Change every color
  • Summery
  • Bright Colors


So how did I do this well it really was only 4 colors the hard thing is that if half way though I want to change the colors and they don’t work I can’t change them. So stressing about 4 color seems a little bit more realistic. The original colors are white, dark green, yellow, and gray. Odd color scheme I know! So the colors I thought would work would be white, lime green, yellow, and orange. and I was like really Sandra you can do so much better than this you aren’t even changing the colors that much! Changing colors can also mean changing location too. So I didn’t really have a clue as to which colors I would use. I moved a few of the colors around and this is what I got: Lime green, yellow, hot pink, then white.

Honestly thats a change! I mean I can tell it’s the same pattern but you can tell that the other one looks a lot better!


Well thank you for reading Just The Knots! I really do appreciate it, I love all of you and best wishes with the next thing you create!

Just The Knots

Posted by Sandra McCrea on August 12, 2014 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello this is Just The Knots!

By Sandra McCrea

I will post anything that I've been working on or planing on making here. I love creating new and fun bracelets or some other creative thing! I'm actually super excited to get this whole thing going!

Few good things to know about this blog


  1. My grammar isn't the best
  2. This will be posted every Tuesday ( I'm a student and it's my one free day)
  3. My goal is to post around 7pm ish ( American/ New York time zone)
  4. This is my first blog ( so expect newbie mistakes)

I think that is it but who knows


Well about me I know there is a whole tab where I could go on and on about me and who I am and all the great things I've done. However, who really reads all that. So at this point I'm going in to my last year of HIgh School (Class of 2015 bro!!) and I'm a little sad and excited at the same time for sure it's bitter sweet! I was working a part time job for about a month and realized hey wait! I'm not making enough here and, knew I could make some money selling my bracelets online, yet only problem is that I'm not 18 yet, so went home made this website anyways. My goal is that by late February (early March) of 2015 I will be selling bracelets. I know I'm quite excited and I can't wait! For now I just want to see my website grow as much as it can! (that means tell a friend)

I hope you have enjoyed reading the first post of Just The Knots and continue to keep reading! Any positive feedback would be great to hear! (I know this was mostly about me most won't be this way)